Wild Rose Bath Soak

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This beautifully hand crafted soak brings a luxurious yet beneficial addition to your bathing routine. With pure Himalayan mineral salts that absorb and purify the skin, the luscious combination of fragrant organic botanicals, pure essential oils and jojoba oil gives you an aromatic and relaxing full body experience.

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt | Epsom (magnesium) Salts | *Rose Petals | *Jasmine Flowers | *Rose Geranium Essential Oil | *Jojoba Oil *denotes organic ingredients

Bath Soak Instructions: Place 1/2- 1 cup of botanical bath salts into warm running bath water. Stir to dissolve salts. Soak in the bath for at least 10-20mins. Discard botanicals or *If you prefer not having loose botanicals in the bath for texture or clean up purposes we suggest using our reusable muslin bath soak bag available for purchase via our store. (sold separately with wooden salt scoop)

Botanical Benefits:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt: Soothing, calming and is said to help reduce fatigue, stress, pain and increase feelings of contentment and emotional health. Contains Magnesium which helps achy muscles and also may be beneficial for skin conditions such as acne , eczema and psoriasis much like salt water at the beach.
  • Epsom Salts: Also known as magnesium sulphate and has many health benefits when absorbed through the skin some of which include, promotes sleep and relaxation, sore muscles/cramps and exercise performance and recovery.
  • Rose: Beautifully fragrant and aromatic with warming uplifting properties. Has been known for opening the heart and softening mood.
  • Jasmine: Along with the beautiful flower aroma it is antispasmodic which helps relieve pain and muscle soreness.
  • Jojoba Oil: Naturally gentle yet effective on all skin types with many skin healing benefits. Helps soothe sensitive skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, hydrating dry and balancing oily skin types.

Safety: Although these ingredients are considered safe If you develop a rash or other allergic response, discontinue use. Not for internal use.

100% Natural and handmade in Queensland, Australia with organic Australian and imported ingredients. 


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Bianca (her abode)
Perfect dose of self care

This bath salt is unlike any other! I am literally obsessed! I use it every week on a Friday after work soaking up all the goodness it has in the gorgeous bottle it comes in. Even looks great as decor!