Our Story

 Founder of The Apothecary Co.  Caroline Covino, started sharing her love of nourishing food recipes, non toxic home projects and natural health experiences 7 years ago on her blog   Green Leaf Living Australia. From there she has expanded her knowledge of natural wellness and growing a community of like minded people.  Now as a passionate trained herbalist continues to learn the art and ways of the plant world and how to embrace nature in our modern day society.  It has been a process of understanding, appreciation and embodying a more organic, non-toxic lifestyle which has lead her on this path of botanical wellness. Passionate in helping and educating others and making Australian made products that are pure, ethical and free from harmful chemicals. 

The holistic approach is to use herbs, diet, lifestyle practices in a way that encourages the systems of the body in all aspects of ones life. In order to find balance it is helpful to understand the root cause of the imbalance. Holistic and modern medicine when combined, can synthesise to enhance a greater level of wellness. In mind, body, and spirit.

 Our products are naturally derived using organic ingredients. They are handcrafted with love here in Australia in small batches to ensure you are receiving high quality for your overall  experience. We look forward to providing you with more natural  botanical products in the future that you will be sure to love and feel good using.

"Health is not just the absence of illness, it is a persons' overall wellbeing. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically which are all inseparably intertwined."
Founder Caroline Covino